Combat Dice RED + BLUE New Release

I’m really happy to announce that I have 2 new types of dice available. Combat Dice RED and Combat Dice BLUE

Both of these dice are use to mark abilities, buffs, De-buffs and upgrades in your Age of Sigmar Games.

Combat Dice RED

Combat Dice RED covers all the common Hit and Wound bonus that you often need to keep track of in your games.

  • +1 To Hit
  • +1 To Wound
  • Re-roll To Hit
  • Re-roll To Wound
  • Re-roll 1’s To Hit
  • Re-roll 1’s to wound

Combat Dice BLUE

Combat Dice BLUE lets you easily keep track of some of the various actions and abilities that you will need to use in your Age of Sigmar games.

  • Command Ability
  • Plant Totem
  • Battle Shock
  • +1 To Save
  • -1 To Hit
  • Special Ability Symbol

Both sets of dice are on sale now in the shop

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